The Library has a voluminous stock of books for all age groups. It has been located separately on the campus to facilitate a quiet atmosphere for peaceful reading and study.

Special experiential learning environments have been created for understanding the concepts of subjects like mathematics and science and also social studies and languages. The Library is available to the students six days a week.
Internet facility is also available. The Library has a “Book Bank” consisting of core texts books, which are issued to deserving students for the whole academic year. There is also a collection of audio-visual materials like maps, atlases, compact discs and audio-cassettes. The library has comfortable Reading Rooms. It extends its current awareness services by providing newspapers/ magazines

A journal section for reference.

Different types of Encyclopedias are available
Different types of entertainment books and newspapers to update on news and happenings and also to create an awareness of current events.

Online Library

We have published online e-books to provide easy and quick access to study material for enriching your knowledge, you can even bookmark pages so that you can start reading from where you left. Try it now!!